a group of people standing in front of a computer screen

I spent many years working

with the team at Cerego

(as first hire, COO/President, and ultimately CEO) to build the world’s best adaptive learning platform.

Cerego took well-documented principles of cognitive science (spaced repetition/distributed practice, the testing effect, desirable difficulty) and implemented them with cutting-edge machine learning to help people learn more quickly and remember what they’d learned so they could use it in real life. We also used LLMs before they were “a thing”: Cerego’s Smart Create platform could create adaptive learning material automatically.

Under my leadership, Cerego built a multi-million ARR B2B business with clients including Elsevier, Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill, the US Army / Department of Defense, the BBC, over 1,000 colleges and universities, and leading corporate training clients like BNSF and JR West who need “mission critical” training for their staff.

This was an incredible experience: I learned how to build products used at scale, learned how to bring a B2B product to market, and learned a ton about learning science.

Today, the “Cerego mafia” is a formidable group spread around the world!